Barbara J Duell

Just Released: The Far Side Of The Rainbow

Some people believe all components of the universe are linked by hidden affinities and that the kismet of one individual can bond with the destiny of another, each one the protagonist of their own drama, yet linked to another. Coincidence or fate? Across space and time, four troubled souls ask this question.

Mackenzie Chapman, born into wealth and abandoned at birth, spent her childhood seeking validation, moving into adulthood and the financial world as an introvert, extraordinarily competent and high functioning, but not someone anyone really knows. Using systematic logic to solve a mystery long buried, she travels across the country only to have her organized life fall apart and intertwine with strangers.

In one deciding moment, the life of Doctor Peter Farrell, handsome, compassionate and charismatic, hangs by a thread as he fights to live. Months pass before his quest to regain what was lost–his prayers for what once was–are answered. Strong and determined, he succeeds, only to be blindsided by strangers desperate for his help.

Ten-year-old Joshua and his tiny sister, Annie, are orphaned, then abandoned. Abused by a social system that exists to protect them, they cling to each other in fear and doubt until one rainy night, fate steps in.

Or was it just a coincidence that an unknown person, a woman with golden hair and a gentle voice, heard their cry for help and reached out to them without thought or reason?

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