About Barbara J Duell: Overcoming & Embracing Success

From humble beginnings, I grew up to be a strong and independent woman, molded by my mother's love and guidance. Our relationship evolved from mother and daughter to best friends, and my mother's influence sparked my lifelong love for books and writing.

Books by Barbara J Duell

Empowered by Resilience

Despite facing challenges like marrying young, raising four sons, and battling dyslexia, I pursued higher education and built a successful career. As a dedicated mother, I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies while staying at home with my children. Eventually, entered the corporate world and held CEO positions in Medical Administration before moving into Law, where I focused on Child Protective Services and Civil Rights, eventually serving on the County Justice Court before retiring.

Heritage and Passion Woven in Words

Throughout my life, my passion for reading and writing remained constant. My vivid imagination and storytelling abilities, combined with my Cherokee and Seneca heritage, shaped my unique writing style. Some of my bestselling books, including The Far Side of The Rainbow, Beyond a Dream, Theo's Diary, Beyond Love, Come Hear the Whisper of Time, The Legend of the Eagle Feather, and A Place by the Bay, showcase my talent for weaving rich, captivating tales.

Now residing in the southwestern desert with my three small dogs, I invite you to join me on a journey to another place where my imagination and stories come to life.