Young and Old

A flower vase with white flowers in it

My Journal This morning I awoke to the sweet smell of freshly washed earth. We were blessed with a powerful 12-hour rain, raging at times, and then just a steady dribble that kept me guessing when it might be okay to do the weekly grocery shopping without the hassle of my temperamental umbrella.  I know the…

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Stay In Touch

A sign of keep in touch written on wood

My Journal  When was the last time you sat down and wrote a letter or even a short note to a friend or a family member? Do you go online to send greeting cards? During the holidays, are you simply too pushed to find the time to sit at your desk and reflect on the…

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Just Released: The Far Side Of The Rainbow

Barbara J Duell

Some people believe all components of the universe are linked by hidden affinities and that the kismet of one individual can bond with the destiny of another, each one the protagonist of their own drama, yet linked to another. Coincidence or fate? Across space and time, four troubled souls ask this question. Mackenzie Chapman, born…

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Best Friends

Best Friends a journal by Barbara J Duell

In all the books I have written, you will find three significant components. Families struggle as they deal with life, someone will eventually end up in the hospital, and there is always a loveable, sometimes, crazy dog. I did not have a dog as a child, but as an adult, I’ve never taken a step…

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